The Regimental Rosette was instituted by Colonel David Woodd in 2012. It is intended to recognise those who support or provide a service to The King’s Royal Hussars, the Regimental Association, or the clubs of predecessor regiments, through their individual personal endeavour or contribution. Service in the Regiment or in one of the antecedent regiments is not a requirement, but any person who is in receipt of a MOD salary is not normally eligible.

The Regimental Rosette may be worn on any occasion but it is intended that it would be worn at a Regimental function, whether or not medals are worn. Importantly, the Regimental Rosette is to be presented in front of their peers. The first Rosettes were presented by the Colonel of the Regiment to those recipients who attended Cavalry Memorial in May 2013.

Rosette NumberYearFull NameReason
11992Colonel Tom Hall CVO OBEColonel RH
2Major General Sir Michael Palmer KCVOColonel 14/20H
3Major General John Friedberger CB CBEColonel KRH
4Colonel Dan de Beaujeu OBERegimental Trustee
5Colonel John Pharo-TomlinRegimental Trustee
6Major The Rt Hon Lord Glenarthur DLRegimental Trustee
7Peter Stoddart EsqRegimental Trustee
8Major Willie Trotter CBE DLAssociation Vice-Chairman & Regimental Trustee
91994Brigadier Euan Morrison OBERegimental Trustee
101996Lieutenant Colonel Peter HarmanAssociation Chairman
111997Lieutenant Colonel The Hon Guy NorrieMuseum Trustee
12Mr Keith AlcockScotland Reunions
131999Brigadier John SmalesMuseum Trustee
14Mr Bob Penfold BEMCentral-Southern Reunions
15Mr Ken SowardCCOCA Representative
162000Colonel David WooddRegimental Trustee
17Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan PowellRegimental Trustee
18Mr Jim BondSouth West Reunions
19Mr John HewittNorth-Eastern
202002Brigadier Christopher Price CBEColonel KRH
21Lieutenant Colonel Johnny Kaye JP DLAssociation Chairman & Regimental Trustee
22Mr Ken DowdingMedicina Liaison
232003Brigadier Richard MorrisMuseum Trustee
242004Captain Rupert WiseRegimental Trustee
25Jeremy Nunn EsqRegimental Trustee
26Councillor John GreenwellScotland Reunions
27Mr Richard Sands RVMCCOCA Representative
282005Major Oliver HowardMuseum Trustee
29Brigadier Robert Sutcliffe OBERegimental Trustee
30Mr Mick TaylorNorth-Eastern Reunions
312006Yeoman Warder Ken Bryant RVMCCOCA Representative
322007Mrs Christine BeresfordMuseum Trustee
33Major Patrick BeresfordMuseum Trustee
34Lieutenant Colonel Richard EastCentral-Southern Reunions
35Mr Brian YatesBanner Bearer - Cavalry Memorial
362009Colonel Tony Singer OBEAssociation Chairman & Regimental Trustee
37Christopher Godfrey-Faussett EsqRegimental Trustee
38Mr Les CritchlowHHQ(N) Support
392010Colonel Godfrey Tilney MBEMuseum Chairman & Regimental Trustee
40Mr Geoffrey CharatanWreath Bearer - Cavalry Memorial
412011John Gunn EsqAfghan Appeal
42Lieutenant Colonel Jeremy MogerAfghan Appeal
432012Colonel Giles HarrisonRegimental Trustee
44Julian Metherall EsqAfghan Appeal
45David Hancock EsqAfghan Appeal
46Jeremy Stephenson EsqAfghan Appeal
47Colonel Mike Vickery OBEMuseum Trustee
48Dr Stephen BullMuseum Trustee
49Mr John MarcelleParcelforce
50Mr Gordon JonesRGH Association
51Mr Mick FoggBanner Bearer - Preston
52Mr Darryl CartwrightTrumpeter - Preston
53Luke Williams EsqAfghan Appeal
54Mrs Anna PottsAfghan Appeal
55Mrs Vix WillisAfghan Appeal
56Mrs Gail GarbuttAfghan Tour
572013Mr Richie MoggSalisbury Biennial Reunions
58Mr Derek IvingsCCOCA Representative
59John Robins EsquireChairman CB Wilson Bequest
60Colonel Peter Flach MBERegimental Trustee
61David Wiggin EsquireRegimental Trustee
622014General Sir Richard Shirreff KCB CBEColonel KRH
63Mrs Kim TaylorNorth-Eastern Reunions
64Mr John CookCenotaph March
652015Major Peter ScholfieldRegimental Sailing
66Major Rupert JacksonCommemorations 70th Anniversary Medicina
67Lawson KentChairman, The 11th Hussars Old Comrades
68Lieutenant Colonel Brian Draper MBEPresident, Noah's ARC
69Captain Bob HarrisonFounder & Chairman, Noah's ARC
70Mrs Holly KingsfordThe Families and wider KRH Regiment
71Colonel Simon GrahamRegimental Trustee
72Mrs Elizabeth BentleyThe Shiners' Club
73Major Tim TaylerMuseum Trustee
74Lieutenant Colonel Brian O'BreeCommemorations 70th Anniversary Medicina
752016Mr Ron FletcherChairman, The Shiners' Club 2001-11
76Mrs June FletcherSecretary, The Shiners' Club 2001-11
77Mr Paul WigmoreAssociation's Musician
78Mr John HartCCOCA Representative
79Mr Roy MansfieldCherrypickers' Reunion
80Mr Les DaltonCherrypickers' Reunion
81Mr Bryan LythgoeHawk on a Walk
822017Mrs Marianne KingsfordTercentenary Support
83Mr Paul BakerChairman, Noah's ARC
84Mr Peter FarrellChairman, Noah's ARC
85General Sir Adrian Bradshaw KCB OBEColonel KRH
862018Mrs Sandra FebryCherrypickers’ Reunion
87Stephen Butler EsqMuseum Trustee
882019Mr Frank SmithNoah’s ARC
89Michael Malyon EsqMuseum Trustee
90Mrs Jo SutcliffeMuseum Trustee
91Mr Jordan WylieMuseum Trustee
92Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan HowardWalk with Bella, from Dorset to East Sussex
93Lieutenant Colonel Nick TuckChairman CB Wilson Bequest
94Major Piers LawsonRegimental Trustee
952020Captain Alan Grieve CBESupport to soldiers and officers KRH
962022Mr Bruce WhittitCCOCA Representative
94Mr Geoff (Tomo) ThompsonContingent Sergeant-Major - Cenotaph Parade
98Mr Taz SzulcContingent Wreath Bearer - Cenotaph Parade
99Mr Vic WhysallKRH & 10H Memorial Custodian at the NMA
100Mr Trevor Sly11H Memorial Custodian the NMA & Cherrypicker Reunion
101Mr Ady HarrisAssociation's Musician
102Mr Callum NugentKRH Mentor & REORG Hussars
103Mrs Belinda PenkethmanAssociation & Museum
104Mr Harry TophamAdministrator RH Facebook Page
105Mr Roger FluxMuseum Volunteer
106Mr Darren Walker14/20H Memorial
107Mrs Rachel Jolley-Walker14/20H Memorial
108Major George DuckettMuseum Volunteer
109Mr Terry PhippardMuseum Volunteer
110Mr Peter JaggerMuseum Volunteer
111Mr Steven BroomfieldMuseum Volunteer
112Mr Ken BryantMuseum Volunteer
1132023Brigadier Nick OrrColonel KRH
114Michael Todhunter MBE DLWelfar Fund