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The King’s Royal Hussars

Interested in joining the KING’s ROYAL HUSSARS?

We are a British heavy armoured regiment based in Tidworth, Wiltshire. Equipped with the awesome Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank and the Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked) we are also trained on a variety of other armoured vehicles.

If you are seeking an exciting and challenging career, why not join us? While we historically recruit from the northwest and southern counties of England, all eligible British and Commonwealth citizens can apply. For more information about KRH check out the official MOD website.

How to Re-join

Can I re-join?

We value your former service and commitment. If you have been in the Regular Army, you can return to full-time service even if you left under the Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme. If you were medically discharged or discharged on disciplinary grounds you may also be eligible to re-join. Re-joiners can apply to enlist up to their 57th birthday.

Re-joining offer

Re-joiners can join their old capbadge, or apply to join a different capbadge providing there are vacancies. They are also eligible for consideration to return in their previous rank and seniority.

Re-joining within 12 months

If a former soldier wishes to re-join the Army within 12 months of leaving, there are opportunities for fast-track entry.

Left or leaving?

Know someone who has left or is leaving? This is how they can find out more.

Search online for ʻRejoin the Armyʼ or visit:

Contact the NRC Re-joiner Team free on 0345 600 8080 (Option 2 then ask for the Re-joiner Team) or email:

Re-joining process

The NRC Re-joiner Team will guide individuals through the process until enlistment.